Fact-Checking Policy

At SamacharAlert.com, our pledge to publish precise information is unwavering across all our content. We employ rigorous steps to ensure accuracy, which include scrutinizing claims with skepticism, questioning assumptions, and challenging accepted narratives.

Our commitment to due accuracy is at the core of our reputation and the trust our audience places in us. ‘Due’ accuracy signifies that the information must be sufficient and suitable for the content, considering the subject and nature of the content, and we explicitly mention any constraints that might influence this expectation.

This means our content must be well-sourced, supported by available evidence, and verified as much as possible. We are transparent about our knowledge gaps and refrain from baseless speculation.

Our journalists are committed to integrity; they do not plagiarize or knowingly misrepresent facts or context, including visual information.

We insist on independent verification from multiple sources to confirm claims, especially those made by public figures or entities with potential biases. Unverified claims, allegations, and material facts are attributed accordingly.

SamacharAlert.com stands by its published information as accurate. If inaccuracies are proven, we rectify the content promptly. We do not knowingly mislead our audiences or distort facts, as this can erode trust in our content. We acknowledge and correct serious errors swiftly and appropriately.

We offer the public the chance to report inaccuracies through a ‘Suggest A Correction’ feature available at the end of every article.

Our journalists prioritize reporting, writing, and fact-checking. Stories undergo editorial review, with a multi-tiered fact-checking process for stories needing thorough examination. The level of editorial review corresponds to the story’s complexity, sensitivity, and urgency.

Our Correction Policies

Despite our commitment to excellence, we recognize that errors will occasionally occur. When they do, SamacharAlert.com takes responsibility for correcting them and maintaining transparency.

Readers: If an error is noticed, it should be reported directly to the editor-in-chief at:

Email: info@samacharalert.com Subject: Correction Needed

Corrections must include the error, issue date, the platform (print, online, etc.), the reader’s contact information, and a source for the correct information.

The editor-in-chief will respond and may contact the reader for more information. Submission of a correction does not guarantee it will be issued but ensures it will be investigated.

SamacharAlert.com: Upon learning of an error, the editor-in-chief will investigate. If an error is confirmed, corrections will be made across all platforms where the incorrect information appeared:

Print: Corrections will appear in the following issue, detailing the error and its correction.

Online: The article will be corrected with an editor’s note detailing the changes.

Social Media: A post will link to the corrected article with a note about the correction.

After the correction is made, the editor-in-chief will inform the reader who reported the error about the actions taken.